DelVache has chosen to work with interchangeable emblems. The 'emblem' is the piece of leather that is attached to the apron at chest height and on which the DelVache logo is engraved (standard logo).

It can be easily replaced with 4 screws. The choice of not attaching it with rivets is the result of our vision to offer durable products that you will not want to replace easily.

A company can indeed choose to have its logo engraved on the emblems. The great advantage of this system is that when the company logo changes, only the emblem needs to be replaced. And not the apron!

The emblems also make our aprons very suitable for use at various events. This way, you can easily personalize your leather aprons for every occasion.

For individuals, it can be fun to change the emblem from time to time. For example, during the European Cup or the World Cup, you can wear the colors of your national team!

But it's also great as a gift. For example, on Father's Day. Let your father know that he is special to you! (See also our engraving on the back of our aprons. For the ultimate personalized gift)

We start with a small assortment around the European Cup2020 and Father's Day. But we will add more designs over time.

If you would like to have your own design/logo on our aprons (on a logo or on the apron itself), please contact us at info@delvache.com.