DelVache: Durable leather aprons for great moments around the barbecue

100% Made in Belgium (hand-made) 100% European leather

Leather aprons

Personalised aprons for you or your company


"We are stripped bare by the curse of plenty." Winston Churchill

The ever-increasing over-consumption of recent decades has led us to buy many similar products and replace them so quickly that we no longer have time to develop a relationship with them. But to be able to buy more and more, we need lower prices. This is often achieved by manufacturing less durable items and sometimes questionable production methods.

The good news is that a growing number of people realise that we have gone seriously off the rails since a while now. So, either we decide to do something about it 'now', or we continue the 'party' and let our children solve the problems. For those who join us in the first choice, our common challenge is very simple:
Manufacturers must offer products that you are less likely to tire of and that last longer. All this while producing in a more ecological and ethical way. And consumers must make an effort to be more selective in their purchases and try to keep their goods for a longer period of time.
At DelVache, we design our products with two goals in mind: timeless designs and durability. And we make sure that we work with materials coming from ecologically responsible partners.


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