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For the past three decades, we have been best friends and share many passions in various areas: sports, games, adventures, movies and music, interesting conversations, food and drink, etc. Our interests have of course evolved since we were teenagers, but one element has always remained at the forefront: conviviality. 

A warm and convivial atmosphere can be found in many activities, but when you boil it down to its essence, you often arrive at the following basic elements: sharing food and drink, having fun conversations, and fire.

It is therefore no coincidence that barbecues are so popular around the world.

Photographie des fondateurs de la marque de tabliers en cuir élégants Delvache. Christophe Saeys à gauche et Gunther Willems à droite, des amis d’enfance et aujourd’hui partenaires à DelVache
A nice barbecue with friends is a guarantee for good moments and lots of laughter


Enjoying life to the fullest, but always respecting the world that surrounds us. And since the beginning of our friendship, we agreed that the best way to have fun is to share the best moments with others. Not only do you reinforce the intensity of the moment, but you can relive it many times afterwards, based on the stories you keep bringing up. So we are friends with a nice bag of shared memories and stories. And the icing on the cake is that these stories were often shared with numerous other wonderful friends. Memories are the very last important treasures that can be taken from a person. Therefore, build that wealth as best and as long as possible.

Finding the balance

Consumption seems to have become an addiction among an increasing number of people. We want more and it has to be cheaper. Quality and durability have for many years been neglected characteristics of many commodities. Ecological and ethical problems have too often become the consequence of the search for lower prices.

Fortunately, more and more people have begun to realize that things cannot go on like this. Opposed to over-consumption is the concept of minimalism. As 'bon-vivants', we wanted to find a balance between the two. We believe that it should still be possible to enjoy 'well-considered' purchases. 

That's why we want to offer you products made of durable, quality materials. We choose timeless designs that you won't easily tire of. And we look for partners who can guarantee us that they produce in an ecological and ethical way (through different certification labels and ISO standards).

Christophe Saeys and Gunther Willems, 2 founders of DelVache


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