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Belgian handmade barbecue apron in full-grain aniline leather (cow). This leather comes from an Italian tannery that has obtained the certification of compliance with the LWG (Leather Working Group) protocol.

The PRO version has crossed straps that rest on the shoulders. For long-term and intensive use, this is more comfortable than a neck strap.

The Italian Chef apron is extremely flexible and light. A perfect combination for daily use in the kitchen.

Aniline leather is leather dyed in a drum with aniline dyes. Aniline dye is a translucent, water-soluble synthetic dye without any insoluble pigments. It is smooth leather with open pores without a pigment layer on top so that the natural texture of the skin is still visible. Each apron is also treated with a protective layer of oil.
Full-grain is the upper side of the hide. It is the strongest type of leather with the densest fibre structure: so you choose a durable apron to pass on from generation to generation. Year after year, the leather develops a more beautiful patina with a distinctive look.
As a rule, only flawless hides are considered for full grain aniline leather, as the surface structure of the leather remains fully visible. Leather with wounds, tick bites or other imperfections are not suitable for most 'luxury' applications.
At DelVache, however, we find that characterful hides are suitable for barbecue aprons. Are you perfect? Neither is the leather of these aprons. This leather has been minimally processed for maximum authenticity and each apron tells a different story.

The straps are made of full grain vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany.

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