1) Organize something fun to do together

Nothing you can do to please your father more than an unforgettable day together. Do you want to organize a fun activity? Go cycling together, take a walk in the woods, go to the cinema, ... Above all, think about choosing something you both will enjoy. Activities with a nod to the past (e.g. an activity you always did together as a kid) are an extra win, but it's mainly about spending 'quality time' with your dad.

2) Organise a BBQ

Most men intensely enjoy a nice BBQ with friends and family. So for Father's Day this year, let the grill master in your father come to the surface and organize a delicious BBQ for your family. A BBQ is the ideal opportunity to spend some time at the table, enjoying the sunshine and catching up!

3) Prepare his favorite drink

The typical drink at a BBQ is of course a fresh beer. This year, throw in a different twist and try to provide your dad's favorite drink. Whether that's a Gin Tonic, a cocktail or a specialty beer, as long as you prepare what your dad likes to drink, you can't go wrong!

4) Write a card

You can always count on your father but we don't always take the time to express our appreciation for him. Father's Day is the time to thank your father for everything he does for you. A nice way to do this is with a card in which you list what you admire about your father and what he means to you. A smile and/or a tear guaranteed.

5) Personalize your gift

Every father is unique and therefore your father deserves a unique gift for Father's Day too! Personalized gifts are not only super fun to get but they also ensure that your dad will think of you every time he uses the gift. Would you like to give your father a durable personalized leather apron for Father's Day?

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