With our first presence at a home and interior design fair (Cocoon), November 2021 has become an important month for DelVache. Due to its great success, we decided last minute to register for the next fair: Countryside Ghent. These 2 fairs were the clear signal for us that we absolutely must be able to show and feel our leather aprons by the customers.

In 2022, we therefore decided to start again with our physical presence at such events. In March 2022 there was Lifestyle Ghent and also the first edition of Barbecue Expo in Paris. Especially this last fair was a phenomenal success. Not only were our aprons loved by the visitors, but we also appeared on French television (M6) and were able to make numerous interesting B2B contacts with French and Swiss companies.


April 2022 was also special for us again with our first outdoor activity: Countrylife Outdoor event. With a promising weather forecast, we made the choice to actively use our leather aprons behind the barbecue. Our OFYR, which we usually bring to our interior fairs as a decoration element, was allowed to serve this time and what a pleasure it turned out to be. Hamburgers, Bruschettas, spaghetti carbonara, bacon with eggs, flambéed pineapple.

Niko and Gunther turned out to be true Barbecue virtuosos for 4 days. Fire, good food, drinks and fun, what more could you ask for? 

Special thanks also to Chef Marc Costers (Marc Fanaat on Facebook) for his help on Easter Monday. Cooking intensively and in the meantime entertaining the people around, that's not easy. But for Marc, this is apparently a breeze.

To end this article, our last event in April 2022: Charity event: VOYAGE VOYAGE. Organized by the ladies circle Kortrijk, in the sheds of the fantastic store of Wijnen De Clerk in Kortrijk.


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