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After a short career training as a fighter pilot in the Belgian Army, he spent 15 years working for the pharma giant Bayer. However, after holding many job positions the urge to become owner of a company always remained. So in 2014 he saw the opportunity to buy and further develop the company Tape Service Coenraets (TSC) together with an army buddy.

For the past 25 years, Christophe and Gunther have often had the idea to work together professionally. A piece of leather and a large laser machine, that's all Gunther needed to come up with a nice product concept.

This opportunity was therefore ideal to share a new experience with the friends. The challenge was to see if they could persevere in building a new brand from scratch and turn it into a success story.

Favorite step in the production process?

"I find the laser work fascinating. Seeing a creation come to life line by line is amazing. But the whole production process, as well as all the other items within our startup enjoy my attention. Equally important is to be able to continue to stimulate the energy within the team so that we continue to grow."

The best part, however, is the interaction with the people and the experience around DelVache. Seeing happy faces when they wear our aprons around a cozy barbecue, that's fantastic!

Your favorite apron?

"The one that is chosen and bought by the customer of course. Each leather apron has its individuality, its unique finish. But every apron sold also means that we can continue in our adventure and our business can continue to grow. We still have so many things we want to accomplish."


Has been active since 1998 as an SAP HR Consultant (IT) at various companies. Although it is a very interesting and challenging job, Christophe felt since many years a growing need to make concrete ('material') things with his hands instead of staying in the abstract world of IT. In doing so, his preference is for beautiful, natural materials. After a few years of night school in woodworking and still looking for a new challenge, Gunther proposed him to found DelVache together. A new, hitherto undiscovered world opened up to him: leather and leatherworking. This new passion was born of chance, but it is now exactly the kind of work he had been longing for for so many years. 

 Favorite step in the production process?

“Het zoeken naar het meest geschikte leder geeft mij veel voldoening. Eenmaal per jaar gaan we naar DE grote lederbeurs in Milaan. Daar voel ik mij als een kind in een speelgoedwinkel en selecteer ik de meest geschikte leders en maken we afspraken met verschillende leerlooierijen voor de komende collecties.”

 Your favorite apron?

"My preference is not so much for one particular apron, but for the personalizations we offer. The engraving along the back makes an apron completely unique and will give to this item a very personal character and emotional value. In fact, many of our aprons are bought as gifts."



36 years old and thus "the Benjamin" of the gang.
Active daily as an independent ERP consultant, building efficiency into employees' daily work routine is totally his thing. Workflow? Efficiency? Say whaaat?
Besides working hours there are three young children that occupy Niko day (and night)

Such a busy schedule called for a relaxing hobby you would think, only Niko is no longer as athletic as he was 20 years ago and chose to respond to the request of (his by the way ex-swimming coach) Gunther to join his hands within the Delvache story.

Favoriete deel van het productieproces?
"Apart from the Gin tonic that is drunk together late at night after work, the assembly part is the most fascinating for me. Seeing the result fall together like a puzzle (riveting in this case) gives me great satisfaction every time."

Your favorite apron?
"The black Fire Master is my all-time favorite. To me, this apron exudes both fire spirit and class"

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